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Film Ravens At Odds

"It was an exciting process working with a team of dedicated professionals at Conlon Group who all shared a common goal. The outcome of the project and the success it has attracted are a testament to this"

− Mark Hall owner of the multi awarded GAIA house

"Conlon Group's quality and attention to detail of their documentation is exceptional. If ever a client of ours is looking for a Landscape Architect then Conlon Group is my recommendation."

− Jason Warren, Director JW Constructions Pty Ltd

"I have enjoyed working with Conlon Group on several projects of which they have provided a very creative and professional landscape design service which incorporates a high level of detail."

− Tim Ditchfield, Director Tim Ditchfield Architects

"Conlon Group’s strong design and innovation is obvious but their ability to combine with clients, consultants and contractors to achieve outstanding projects is what sets Conlon Group apart."

− Hamish Gray, Director Gray Construction Group.

"Conlon Group are a pleasure to work with and bring a deep understanding of landscape design and plant species to each project. They respect both the clients brief as well as our vision for the creation of a homogenous relationship between building and landscape and evolve this into a unique and profound landscape design."

− Dan Sparks, Director Sparks Architects

"We appreciated how they listened and understood our requirements when finalising the design. When we had questions or didn't understand some of the design logic, they were very patient in explaining their ideas and concepts. Conlon Group’s attention to detail and project management was fantastic and we felt their fees were exceptional value."

− Brenda and Randy LaPorte, owner of the Montville residence

"Conlon Group provides an innovative approach to every project with special emphasis on its connection to the landscape. We are proud to have been involved with many award winning projects with Conlon Group."

− Leigh Barrett, owner of Living Style Landscapes
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Connecting With Nature

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Mossman Court for Tim Ditchfield / Conlon Group

Bel Air



Yinneburra 44


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